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FFS square-2023

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The intervention of VIVAI DIFFUSI at the SBB square in the Mendrisio train station, aims to give quality and identity to the square through a proposal of urban greenery. It starts from the existing architectures in order to establich an harmonious dialogue between them. So, the elements of the urban bus shelter are the inspiration for the large tanks, specifically designed for the chosen plantings.

Their generous dimensions guarantee optimal conditions for the growth of the plant species and allow a rich variety of them, favouring the promotion as well as the dissemination of the railway biodiversity described in the collection of Ernesto Schick: “Railway Flora”. The botanical selection was supported by the precious advice from the Office of Nature and Landscape and the environmental engineering firm Trifolium SA.

Pianta Mendrisio FFS.png

the tanks

The large tanks were designed so that the installation fit consciously into the urban and railway context of the Mendrisio station. Thus four large volumes of grey concrete establish a direct dialectical relationship with the pillars of the adjacent bus shelter.


le species

The selection of species at the base of the tanks testifies to the close link between the installation and its location.

It focuses on perennial herbaceous plants with a high capacity to withstand heat and drought, able to survive in arid environments. Thus, in line with the need to adapt to increasingly hotter temperatures, the installation is an opportunity to celebrate the "pilot plants" that still spontaneously populate the Ticino railway, selected by Schick.

train station



Olive tree

Olea europea 


Origanum vulgare


Meadow sage

Salvia pratensis



Tanacetum vulgare

Tavola disegno 89.png
Tavola disegno 89.png

The species present in the tanks have been selected because they are particularly resistant to an arid and dry environment.



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